Just because it’s cooler it doesn’t mean there isn’t lots you could be getting on with in your garden in February. Although it may be chilly, February is known for having some changeable temperatures and you may even see some hopeful signs that spring is just around the corner. A beautiful summer garden takes months of hard work to create, so now is the time to start the hard graft.

If you’re not sure what gardening tasks you should be completing in February, then we’re here to help. We have got some expert tips on what you can tick off your list. Read on to find out the key things you need to be doing in your garden in February…

Photo from Wikimedia Commons. Author: CHK46

Top tips for what to do in your garden in February…

– When it comes to planting bulbs, you’ll need to stock up on lilies, alliums and bare root roses (which should be planted facing the sun). You can also start to sow onions, celery, leeks and celeriac under heat.

– Get your vegetable seed beds ready by weeding and forking in plenty of compost. Cover the soil with a sheet of black plastic to keep it drier and warmer, ready for when you’ll be planting come spring.

– Do you have a greenhouse? It may seem a little early, but take a little time in February to give it a proper spring clean. Wash the glass with warm soapy water and ensure that it’s the perfect place for lots of growing in the coming months.

– As it’s still pretty cold out at the moment, be sure to top up your bird feeder regularly to please those hungry birds, they’ll be thankful!

Photo from Wikimedia Commons. Author: Kevin Cole

– This is an important month for pruning – your wisteria and clematis will need some attention, as will roses, conservatory climbers and winter-flowering shrubs that have finished flowering. When it comes to your fruit, if you didn’t have time to finish pruning established trees in January, then now is the time to finish it. You can also plant soft fruits this month, if the weather permits.

– If you spent some time in January thinking about and garden design changes that you’d like to make, then February is when they can begin to come into action. When the ground is no longer frozen mark out where you are planning on putting new beds and begin to dig. Remember that if you are creating a new bed where lawn once was, then dig this up and place it aside.

– Another organisation task for this month is to get all your garden tools in ship-shape for what’s to come. Give your tools a proper clean, take a look over your garden furniture to see if any repairs need to be made, and, check to see if the mower is in need of a service.