Summer is well and truly on its way now (hoorah!) so it’s time to make sure that the garden is in good shape for the summer months. As the weather becomes a little warmer the idea of getting out in your garden in June is sure to fill you with excitement, and there’s plenty to do this month.

June is a particularly busy month for green-fingered people – but all that hard work is sure to be worth it and will make your garden look great in the end! So, read on to find out the key things to do in your garden in June…

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Top tips for what to do in your garden in June…

– Now the risk of a morning frost has passed, it’s time to plant up your containers, hanging baskets and planters. If you already had them growing inside the greenhouse then you are safe to move them outside to their summer-position.

– If any of the plants in your hanging baskets start to become misshapen then be sure to regularly trim any of the excess off – this will ensure they have a nice busy growth. Make sure you water your hanging baskets at least three times a week; and liquid-feed them with a high-potash tomato fertiliser at ten-day intervals. Now, sit back and enjoy watching them bloom!

– Just as all your hard work starts to show, you may have some uninvited visitors in your garden… slugs. Ensure that you have slug control on hand and can curb the problem before it starts.

– Cut back spring-flowering shrubs and (now it’s a little warmer) start to plant out your annual summer bedding plants.

Sweet William. Photo from Wikimedia Commons. Author: Louise Docker

– The start of June really is your last chance to sow Canterbury bells, sweet Williams, forget-me-nots, wallflowers and foxgloves. Sow them in a sunny, well-drained nursery bed and look forward to seeing them flower next spring/early summer.

Fruit: Stop watering strawberries when fruits are changing from green to red. June is also a good time to think about burying a soaker hose alongside wall-trained apples, pears , plum and nectarines – you will then be able to use this during droughty spells.

Vegetables: If you love your vegetable garden then there’s plenty to do this month. Firstly, plant sweet corn in cloche-warmed soil. It’s also time to sow a lot of veggies – French and runner beans, beetroot, calabreses, Chinese cabbage, Florence fennel, kohl rabi, marrows and courgettes can all be sown this month – be sure to do this in fertile, free-draining soil.

– Harvest early potatoes when the tubers are hen’s-egg size (scrape a little soil from earthed-up rows to check). Other things that will be ready to harvest in June include lettuce, radishes and other salads – and, nothing beats a home-grown salad for dinner!

Weeds, weeds, weeds: The (hopefully) warmer weather will encourage the weeds in your garden – keep on top of them from the start and they will be manageable. A little bit of weeding each weekend will suffice and will keep your garden looking lovely.

Lawn care: To make sure your lawn looks its best for the summer months, apply a spring/summer fertiliser onto established lawns now. As the grass will be growing quicker now, try to mow the lawn more regularly, once a week if you can and on a lower setting than you have been so far this year, unless there’s a drought. And, don’t forget to add the cuttings to a compost heap.

– Are you keen to grow water-lilies but no room for a pond? That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them! Use a miniature variety such as orange-red ‘Aurora’ or pale-yellow ‘Helvola’ in a large, waterproofed half-barrel for the same effect.