Woman's Weekly readers share snaps of the handiwork they've done outside

It’s clear that Women’s Weekly readers love spending time outside.

And after flicking through all of these glorious backyard photographs we’ve been sent, we’re certain you’ll agree that our community really are a green-fingered bunch.

You might even find some inspiration in our gallery for your garden too.

Reader Jean Shuker captured a stunning snap of her blooms, taken on what looks to be an extremely sunny day.

Jean Shuker's garden

‘This is my garden – you can see irises in foreground and large poppies in the background,’ she tells us.

‘I brought the iris with me from our old house over 10 years ago when I did a swap with a friend. The poppies have always been in our garden since we moved in.’

While Elaine Pannell has found a clever way to hide a part of her garden she deems to be unattractive.

‘An ugly spot beside the drain – what to distract it with? Well, I decided I wanted to distract the eye with something pretty,’ she explains.

‘The fuchsia was saved from last year and the petunias and busy Lizzies bought in the spring – I am delighted with it now.’

And we’ve no doubt that there are a number of you who’ll understand the sentimentality of keeping certain plants in your garden.

Maggie Lewin kindly treated us to a beautiful photograph of one very special flower.

‘This is the gorgeous peace rose my friend bought us for our 25th wedding anniversary, 8 years ago,’ she reveals.

‘It is growing in a pot on my decking along with several other lovely roses but is my favourite.’

A number of your garden pictures featured ponds. Liz Sidley’s water feature has colourful potted plants surrounding it.

‘Every year I want to make our tiny garden a lovely place to sit out in,’ she says.

‘We watch the fish in our pond, the birds that come down to feed, and we enjoy the sunshine and al fresco dining.

‘It’s the nice weather that inspires me to make the most of our tiny outdoor space!’