Knitting yarns come in an array of different fancy styles and textures - known as novelty or fashion yarn.

Elaborately textured yarns can be a little tricky to get used to, but The Woman’s Weekly experts have plenty of suggestions, which will make using any fancy yarn easy!

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Fashion yarns or novelty yarns all carry unique textures which will sit differently on your knitting needle than smoother conventional yarns. Try our 7 top tips on your next knitting project using fashion yarns.

Our 7 top tips when knitting with fashion yarns

It can be quite a challenge keeping track of how many rows you’ve worked and how many stitches you have on your needle as textured fashion yarns have a habit of blending into themselves, making it difficult to keep your place in a project. The following tips will help;

1. Use a row counter to keep a note of what row you are on. These sit on the end of your knitting needle as you work and serve as a permanent reminder to turn them. Just turn the dial at the end of each row to keep a note of how many rows you have done.

2. Or, if you have a habit of forgetting to update your row counter after each row, keep a pencil and paper to hand instead and jot down a tally of each row you finish.

3. Take a photocopy of your pattern (which is fine for personal use), and tick off rows on your copy as you go. It will let you how many stitches you should have after any increase or decrease rows.

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4. Choose a knitting needles that are a different colour to your yarn. This will create a bit of contrast and help you to see individual stitches more clearly as you count them on your needle.

5. Always work in good light. Natural daylight is best. Failing that, try a daylight lightbulb, which mimics natural lighting and is good for any fine craft or knitting work. Magnifiers can be good too.

6. If you wear glasses, don’t forget to put them on! It may seem a silly suggestion, but it’s very easy to forget to pop them on when you start knitting.

7. If your pattern states which side of your work is the right-side (RS) or indeed wrong-side (WS), place a marker on one side of your work to help you remember which side is which when you come to make it up and finish it off.