These charming characters are a pleasure to knit

Farm animals knitting pattern

People of all ages will adore our Farm Animals Knitting Pattern

When it comes to quiet afternoons, there’s nothing we enjoy more than settling down to a craft project.

If you’re looking for a something new to get stuck into in your spare time, we suggest digging out your needles to make our fun farmyard-inspired selection of knitted animals.

Not only would they make a wonderful present for youngsters or a thoughtful decoration for the nursery of newborn baby once completed, they will also evoke memories of your own childhood if you decide you don’t want to part with them

Our charming make – worked in stocking-stitch using DK yarn – features a pink pig with soft ears and a sweet snout, plus a cute white cow dotted with a couple of black spots.

And bright yellow with an orange beak and feet, the duck from our Animal Knitting Patterns set is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

A cuddly white miniature lamb completes the classic set which will most certainly be treasured for years to come.

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When it comes to crafting your knitted animals, it’s important to know how to stuff the toys correctly.

Helpfully, our knitting expert Freddie Patmore has outlined her top tips for ensuring your makes look as professional as possible.

1. Use a smaller needle size
2. Shred your stuffing to make it smooth
3. Use cardboard or interfacing fabric for flat ends
4. Give your toy weight
5. Don’t over or under stuff