Knitting baby booties is both fun and relatively easy, so why not consider making some if you’ve got a little one on the way or know someone who does?

Shoes for babies are an expensive investment as they seem to outgrow them very quickly and seeing as how they do very little walking in their early months, there is surely no need to spend over the odds so early on.

There are far better ways to use your money in the first few months of your newborn’s life, but the benefits of knitting baby booties are not limited to the financial.

You’re obviously going to want your child to have the best items available and what better way of guaranteeing this than by making them yourself?

Baby Bootie Knitting Kits will provide you with easy to follow instructions to help you make several different types of shoes for your little one, including T-bar sandals, single shoes and cuffed bootees.

Of course, by varying the colour of the yarn, you can create a number of different pairs that will go with any of your baby’s outfits, making sure his or her tiny feet stay warm and comfortable in the adorable shoes.

Booties will be an important part of your child’s wardrobe, as it is vital they stay warm as the temperatures drop.

And we all know how active young babies are, which means they regularly kick blankets away from their feet. Therefore, booties play a necessary role in keeping them warm.

You can even customise these shoes with flourishes such as buttons and decorative laces, meaning you’ll never see another baby wearing the same.

As well as being functional items of clothing, baby booties that you have knitted yourself will have an incredible amount of sentimental value and should be kept as your child grows older, acting as the perfect reminder of how small your child once was when he or she is all grown up.