Knitting editor Kandy Regis talks knitting baby clothes.


Knitted baby cardigan with cat buttons - Debbie Bliss knitting pattern


Hello, Kandy here. My latest little creation is this sweet little cardi for that I’ve made for my 10-week-old great niece. I just love having a new baby to knit for!


It’s a Debbie Bliss pattern that I first knitted for my own daughters when they were born. I really enjoyed making it again and using some wool that I found in my workbasket that was left over from something else I’d made was great.


The cute little smiley cat face buttons really add a lovely touch and although a little bit more expensive than plain ones, they make it more special.


In the past I’ve used a random mix of odd ones, you know the ones you always get leftover? Putting a different colour of button on for baby designs, often works really well and adds quite a quirky edge.


I’m going to knit the little wrap cardgan (below) for her next. We’ve shown it knitted in blue with a pretty organza ribbon fastening, I might try it with a tiny gingham that would look just as pretty as well.


What are you knitting at the moment?


Knitting baby clothes - baby cardigan