Has the announcement of the royal baby’s due date inspired you to pick up your needles and do some knitting for a newborn? Perhaps, like the Duchess of Cambridge, you’ve got a little one on the way or maybe a friend is expecting – whatever the case, now is the time to think about what you could make for your little one ahead of his or her arrival into the world.

As well as keeping your baby warm during the colder months, knitting for a newborn is a wonderful way of showing your love and making them something unique that can be passed down for generations.

Knitted Baby Bootees


Possibly the most adorable item of clothing you can knit for a newborn is a pair of gorgeous bootees. These will ensure your little one’s toes are cosy and snug when you take them outside for the first time and they look cute, too!


If you already know the sex of the baby, you could knit blue bootees for a boy and pink for a girl to ensure the socks match the rest of their outfits.


Baby Bootees Knitting Pattern


Knitted Baby Blanket


Babies love cuddling up to a blanket while they’re tucked up in their cots, so you can be sure if you knit one of these garments it’ll get lots of use. For best results, opt for a brightly coloured wool that is nice and thick.


Blankets are also useful to have when pushing your infant around in a pram outdoors as they will protect them from the cold, while they can also be passed down to future offspring when they’ve been outgrown.


Knitting Pattern for a baby blanket


Knitted Baby Hats


It takes a while for most babies to develop hair and in those early days the head is extremely delicate, which is why it’s important you knit the new arrival a lovely little hat to keep them as warm and safe as possible.


You could even rustle up a gorgeous little flower to attach to it or make the pattern more interesting by varying the stitch and adding stripes. Remember, it’s never too early for them to start having their own style!


Knitting Pattern for a newborn hat and jacket