Knitting for children doesn’t have to be tricky and we’ve got some great patterns to knit, make and give. Our experts have also compiled some top tips to make sure your knits are well received, look perfect and wear well.

1. You will certainly put a huge smile on a little one’s face if you knit them a motif sweater featuring their favourite character. If you pick the right one for your special knit, it will easily become a fond favourite. Even to the point where it’s hard to get the little rascal to wear anything else!

We’re lucky enough to have a knitting pattern for a fantastic Gruffalo sweater in our shop.

2. If you don’t see the child you’re knitting for very often and aren’t sure what characters (and colours!) they like, just ask their parents. That way knitting for children is bound to be a success.

Gruffalo Kids' Top Knitting Pattern

3. Kids do have a habit of getting their clothes grubby, so always choose an easy-care yarn.

4. Most of us will remember being given hand-knitted sweaters for Christmas when we were little, often with sleeves several inches too long that needed to be rolled up! Make sure to get a perfect fit by getting the chest, underarm and length measurements from a well-fitting sweater or better still, the child themselves!

5. On Fair Isle sweaters, catch out-of-use yarns no less frequently than every two stitches at the back of the work. This will stop long strands forming at the back of the work which can get caught in little fingers.

6. Avoid very pale colours like white, which can show up any dirt and spills quicker than deeper colours will. If you do choose a paler colour, simply knit the cuffs, neck and welt in a darker colour.

7. Make sure the yarn is not too itchy. Choose lovely soft fibres like merino wool so that the lucky recipient isn’t put off wearing it. Children have sensitive skin. If you aren’t sure about the softness of a yarn, simply rub it behind your ear. If it tickles, it’s worth selecting something less scratchy.

We’ve got lots of other ideas for kids and babies to inspire you!

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