With the arrival of the royal baby on the horizon, it is likely all relatives of the newborn will be frantically preparing for the new arrival.
If you were in charge of providing clothes for the Duchess of Cambridge’s first child, what would you make? Would you put your knitting skills into practice or perhaps use your knowledge of crocheting?
At Woman’s Weekly, we offer a wealth of gorgeous patterns for infants, ranging from jackets, booties and hats to blankets and coats, all of which would be perfect for the royal baby.

As the child is due to be born next month, he or she will need clothes that match the weather, which hopefully be warm and sunny. Therefore, the little one might benefit from a light knitted pullover and a thin blanket, while if it’s a girl then a dress would be perfect.Knitted baby Pinafore DressHowever, it won’t be long before the weather takes a turn for the worse and the child will need lots of warm garments when this happens.

We sell lots of thick, snug clothing, like knitted duffle coats, shawls and sweaters, plus if you’re more of a fan of crocheting there are lots of great designs you could get your hands on.

Knitted Baby Duffle Coat Knitting Pattern

For instance, our crochet hooded top doubles up as a jumper and a hat and would protect the royal baby from all manner of weather during the winter months.

If you’d prefer a project to get stuck into, then you could attempt one of our knitted sets, which include a hat, jumper and booties.

You can use whichever colour yarn you think suitable, but once the sex of the baby is announced it might be a nice touch to match your knitting to this and make blue garments for a boy and pink for a girl.

Babies love playing with soft toys, particularly in those early stages when they’re fascinated by everything around them, so you could even rustle up a new teddy!

Find the perfect knitting pattern for the little one in your life in the Woman’s Weekly Online shop.