Noah Ark's Knitting Pattern

Use our Noah Ark’s knitting pattern to make a timeless gift for someone really special

Do you have a loved-one’s christening coming up?

We suggest snapping up our Noah’s Ark toy knitting pattern with animals and getting creative at home to make a wonderful present for the occasion.

Not only is a homemade gift is far more personal than a toy purchased from a store, it will give you something to craft on a quiet afternoon.

Oh, and don’t forget to make two lions, camels, elephants, giraffes and zebras so that they can march onto Noah’s Ark in their pairs.

Soft and squishy, it’s a safe alternative to the traditional wooden version.

Just remember, if you’re  making it for a baby, to stitch everything extra securely to make sure there’s no chance of pieces of yarn coming loose.

Noah's Ark Animals

What’s Noah’s Ark without pairs of adorable knitted animals?

We’re sure you won’t be surprised to hear that our delightful Noah’s Ark toy knitting pattern has proved pretty popular among our readers at Woman’s Weekly.

Janet Hardman made her very own set for her daughter Sarah’s nursery school.

‘My daughter, Sarah, owns a nursery called Sarah’s Ark in Leyland, which in 2014 will be celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary,’ she told us.

‘I thought this would make a good display and also be useful for the children to play with too.’

If you want to follow Janet’s lead, our charming Noah’s Ark And Animals Knitting Pattern – product code WTD045 is available to buy in our shop right now.

Download a PDF to print at home of this charming pattern right now.

Alternatively, you have the option to have one of the members of team post it out to you.

Woman's Weekly reader Janey Hardman made this wonderful ark

Woman’s Weekly reader Janet Hardman made this wonderful ark

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