UK Wool Week is a wonderful way to celebrate this amazing natural, renewable and biodegradable product.

The Campaign For Wool is proudly in its 7th year, with HRH The Prince of Wales as patron, and we’re so glad that Prince Charles is as big a fan of wool as we are.

We just LOVE to knit with British wool, much more than any other fibre. There are so many reasons why, and here they are!

1. It’s warm! As the nights get colder, there is nothing more comforting than snuggling up on the sofa in a woollen hand-knitted jumper.

2. Wool is natural – wool is essentially the hair from a sheep, so unless there’s anything else added to the wool before it’s spun into yarn, wool is a completely natural fibre.

Blue faced Leicester Sheep

3. It’s so soft! Some types of sheep have particularly soft coats like the Merino or Blue-faced Leicester (above). Wool that is a little bit prickly when new often softens with time and wear.

4. The colours are incredible – pale-coloured wools dye beautifully to create some stunning colour palettes to play with. Take (100% merino wool) for example, which has some gorgeous shades to choose from.

5. Wool is textured so makes for a fabulously tactile fabric when knitted-up, especially with Fair Isle and cabled designs.

Download your sheep knitting pattern

To buy a copy of our sheep pattern, call us on 0800 024 1212 quoting ref WTD036

Sheep Toy Knitting Pattern

6.  Wool has a bouncy feel which helps your finished garment feel really comfortable as it changes shape as your body moves.

7. Air moves easily through a wool fabric so it’s breathable – unlike synthetic fibres which can leave you feeling a little sweaty.

8. Wool can come from anywhere in the world but there are plenty of yarns that are spun right here in the UK, so it’s great to use a homegrown product.

9. Woollen yarns are hard-wearing and will last a lifetime if they are looked after and stored carefully.

10. Wool is biodegradable – discarded garments and yarn scraps pose little or no harm to the environment. Isn’t that great?

Inspired? find out more about British Wool Week, here.