There are plenty of other crazy knitting materials other than conventional yarn to knit with. We had a go with some at WW HQ and here's what happenned!

1. String

knitted piece made from string double moss stitch

String knits easily into double moss stitch

Lurking at the back of your kitchen drawer, string makes for a perfect knitting material. Long, of consistent thickness and smooth, it’s also incredibly strong and durable so the perfect choice for firm baskets and pots.

2. Wire

Thin beading wire is great fun to knit with, though a bit rough on your hands, with some lovely colours now being produced.

finished knitted piece with wire

Once formed, knitted stitches will hold their shape in wire

Use metal needles to save damaging any softer ones. Try threading on some beads before you start for added interest.

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3. Tape measures

Tie a few tape measures together for a chunky project using fat knitting needles, you can always add on more tapes as you go. how to knit wth tape measures

4. Video tape

Remember these? The tape inside is a videocassette is a shiny stretch of crackly Mylar, which knits up to make something completely unique. knitted piece mae from video tape Make sure you don’t break open someone’s precious wedding video though, and be gentle as it snaps easily!

5. Liquorice

Knitted piece made from Liquotice If you can resist munching the materials long enough to knit yourself something sweet (well there’s something we never thought we’d say!), tie strands of liquorice laces together.  Knit with clean hands on clean knitting needles before devouring the finished item.

6. Plastic bags

Collect plastic shopping bags in some fun colours and slice each bag open so that it sits flat. Cut long horizontal slits from each edge to make long zigzags and knit away! how to prepare plastic bags for knitting Avoid using biodegradable bags or your knitting won’t last very long before it disintegrates.

7. Raffia

Much like string, knitting with raffia can create some very interesting textures. Knitting with raffia Be careful with coloured versions though as the dyes can come off on your hands and knitting needles.

8. Ribbon

Silky colourful ribbons look wonderful knitted-up. Get yourself a nice long reel and use big knitting needles for a pretty lacy look. Finished knitted piece made with double satin ribbon

9. Fabric

Most fabrics can be made into crazy knitting materials. Cut into thin strips and allow for a little fraying at each edge or your work will become too fragile.

knitting with strips of fabric

Fabrics that look the same on both sides work best for this.

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There are even ready-made yarns now created from recycled T-shirts which save you the job of chopping them up yourself.

10. Glow-in-the-dark latex

You read it right! Not only are there a whole variety of rubber yarns now available on the market but also some of them glow in the dark! They tend to stick to your needles a bit, which is why they come with their very own lubricant (ooh-err!).

Waterproof plant pots, handbags and belts are great uses for this crazy knitting material.

11. Glass

This amazing technique actually involves knitting a model in wax which is used to make a mould for molten glass but the finished item is something very special indeed.


12. Hair

Most yarns are made from the hair of one animal or another, but did you know that you could knit with your own? Alternatively, save brushings from a beloved pet and spin into a yarn. It might take a while, though!

@chickerbp sweaters knit with your dog's hair. From the book #knittingwithdoghair

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13. Leather

Leather thonging is usually produced in reels and has a suede side and a smooth side. As a result you can create some very stylish pieces of fabric using this crazy knitting material.

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Give it a try yourself!

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