If you've ever knitted a toy for a little one then you'll know, only too well, the hardest part is getting the face looking just right.

Our experts are here to help and have shared their top tips on how to get a friendly face on your knitted toys, without much fuss from you. This sweet little puppy dog is the perfect example, doesn’t he look loveable?

Here are some easy ways to embroider a cute expression when knitting toy faces.

womans weekly dog knitting pattern1. Always use a blunt needle

When embroidering after knitting toys, use a blunt needle so that the fibres on the surface of the fabric do not split. Any damage caused by the needle can cause holes to form with play, a blunt needle will slip between fibres instead of breaking through them. womans weekly chain stitch how to 2. Chain stitch makes a bold line on the surface of the knitting

Chain stitch is perfect for facial features on knitted toys. Bring your needle through the fabric from the reverse to the front, hold a loop of yarn above the surface of the fabric, insert your darning needle back down where it came up, and then up again through the loop itself in one clean sweep, and repeat.

womans weekly george peppa pig

3. To embroider a face, use knitting yarn

Ideally, you should embroider your toy’s features with some of the same yarn you’ve used to knit it. This way when you wash it, the features won’t lose their colour. Many embroidery threads aren’t suitable for washing so it’s always worth checking on the label.

4. Embroider toys after you’ve finished stuffing them

It’s important that the fabric has fully expanded. This will any prevent puckering which can occur if you add details before you add the stuffing.Knitted animals

5. Use a template to keeping the face symmetrical

Embroidering can be tricky without a template to follow. Draw a face onto the head of your toy using tailor’s chalk. You then have an easy place to start – use the lines of your drawing to guide you as you work your neat stitches.