Learn how to knit starting with the basics. In this step-by-step guide we teach you how to join stitches together.

Learning how to neatly join your stitches together will mean you get a seamless finish whenever you have to make something that requires sections to be made up separately before being sewn together. Follow the pictures below to help yourself get the hang of it the first couple of times. This simple stitch won’t take long to master and soon you won’t need a guide to help you at all!

How to knit: Our favourite method of how to join stitches

Knitting how-to: Joining stitches

Fig 1

1. This stitch is worked when joining cast-off edges together or when joining cast-on and cast-off edges. Place right sides of ends to be joined flat and edge to edge. Thread a blunt darning needle with long length of yarn and begin by inserting needle from back to front in first stitch at right end of lower edge, then around base of first stitch (Fig 1) on upper edge, pull up the yarn to bring work close together.

Knitting how-to: Joining stitches together

Fig 2

2. Insert needle into stitch previously worked into on lower edge from front to back and bring through back to front in next stitch (Fig 2) and draw yarn through, insert needle around next stitch on upper edge (Fig 1); repeat the process to end