Learn how to knit starting with the basics. In this step-by-step tutorial we show you how to do the knit stitch.

How to knit: The knit stitch

How to knit - Knit stitch

(Fig 1)


How to knit stitch

(Fig 2)


How to knit: Knit stitch

(Fig 3)

With needle holding stitches in left hand and second needle and main yarn at the back of needle in right hand, * insert right-hand needle into front loop of first stitch from front to back, take yarn round point of right-hand needle from back to front (Fig 1), draw the loop through the first stitch (Fig 2) and slip first stitch off left-hand needle (Fig 3); repeat from * into each stitch along row. Turn work so that the needle holding stitches is once again in left hand and second needle and main yarn are in right hand. Repeat last row again. The knit stitch is one of two basic stitches in knitting. Find out how to purl.


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HOW TO KNIT: How to knit stitch – watch the video tutorial