Finishing off your knitted project can make or break how it looks. A design can be beautifully knitted but if not finished off correctly it can spoil its overall effect. Like wise, a design that’s not been knitted as well, can be made to look so much better if the making up and finishing off is done well. Once you’ve perfected picking up stitches you’ll be able to make beautifully finished pieces every time.

Blue girls jumper

A good example of finishing off a garment is this baby slipover design where the neckband and armband have been finished with pick up and knit stitches.

How To Knit: Pick up and knit stitches:

1. From the right side, put the tip of the needle into the space between the edge and the next stitch. Loop the yarn around the needle.


2. When you’re picking up stitches, always work one stitch away from the edge. Bring the needles, and the yarn looped around it through the space to the front of the work. Continue in this way, picking up stitches from the finished edge required.


Tips for pick up and knit stitches:

1. When picking up stitches. Always avoid the obvious holes made by turning rows or dividing rows, for example around a neck. Simply go into the nearest stitch, as the hole will only be accentuated.

2. Your pattern will specify the number of stitches you are required to pick up. Divide the section and mark with pins so that they are evenly spaced, divide the number of stitches by the spaces between the pins and pick up stitches evenly between.

3. This method can be used to neaten an uneven and rough edge.

4. Avoid going into stitches on the neckline edge and don’t work into stitches that are slightly looser or have gaps in between rows.