It might seem a challenge to get kids knitting but we’ve got some great tips to help them learn, it's fun for both of you!

Knitting Assistant Freddie Patmore learnt to knit when she was was four.

She recalls: ‘It was after Mum caught me pinching yarn from her knitting bag and pretending to knit with it, with pencils! She was always making very complicated colourful sweaters and I’m certain she got fed up with her posh yarn going missing – so ended up teaching me just to keep my paws out of her knitting! I loved learning to knit. It’s a very fond memory for me.’

Learn to knit with your child or grandchild
Below are her very best tips on how to get little hands knitting.


Kids might seem to know everything these days but knitting is rarely taught in schools today, so it’s a great skill for you to pass on to a future generation.

How to: Get the kids knitting

1. It can be a little tough to keep the attention of young children for too long so the first thing we’d suggest to wait until they’re 7 to have a go. Try are other easier activities to have a go at like French Knitting or finger knitting, which would a perfect alternative.

2. Try starting them off on shorter knitting needles. You’ll find their little hands will find it much easier to hold on to them. Longer needles can be surprisingly heavy if you aren’t used to them.


3. Use random multi-coloured yarns, which will make seeing individual stitches much clearer, as they will all appear in different colours! Self-striping yarns are great too as they add a little excitement to the knitting, with different colours appearing as the knitting progresses.

4. Keep safe! Make sure you keep one eye on them the whole time, and pack it all away somewhere safe when you’re done. Knitting needles aren’t sharp but there’s no harm in being careful!

5. Most of all, have fun! The more fun you and the kids have with it, the more they’ll want to do.

If all else fails, there’s always French Knitting which can be a little bit easier if you fancy giving that a go instead.