Knitting with a very fine hairy yarn like mohair can be a little tricky, but we’ve got 5 top tips to make knitting with them easy and most importantly, fun!

How To Knit: Top tips when knitting with mohair


1. Hairy yarns such as mohair, tend to blend together when you’re counting your stitches on your needle and it can be tricky to tell them apart. It will be far easier to count your knitted stitches when you choose a knitting needle that is a different colour to the yarn that you are working with and has a good contrast.

2. If you need to unravel a few rows, try putting your knitting in a sealed bag and in the freezer for a couple of hours. By lowering the temperature, you will find that it will be far easier to undo without lots of the fibres sticking or shedding.

3. Always keep a note of which row you are on. You might want to keep a tally, or use a [row counter] if you prefer, as it might be difficult to see how many rows you’ve done when looking at your work, especially in decorative lace patterns.

4. Prevent knots and tangles by rewinding any lengths of yarn to the ball before you put your knitting away for the day (and hide it from your cat – you can trust us on that one!).

5. Make sure you can see what you’re doing – it’s easy to forget, but as the days get shorter make sure to make a special effort to put lights on so that your eyes don’t get tired and if you wear glasses for reading, you should be wearing them for knitting as well!

A project to get started on…


This pretty boxy-shaped cardigan has pleated three-quarter length set-in sleeves. It’s knitted in a lace pattern with tiny garter-stitch edges and has buttons to fasten. We chose a fine mohair yarn that may take a little time to knit.

To order a copy of this knitting pattern, head over to The Knitting Network now.