Do you know someone getting hitched later this year? Wedding season is fast approaching and if you haven’t had any thoughts about a gift yet, now could be the time to start knitting one.


Instead of buying your friend something shop-bought, handing them a knitted keepsake you have made yourself is much more special and likely to be remembered by the bride-to-be in years to come. There are lots of lovely ideas out there for people who love to knit – take a look at our suggestions and see what you think.

A knitted lucky charm

For the traditional bride, why not have a go at knitting this lucky bridal horeshoe and garter? A handmade one is more sentimental than a store bought piece.

Knitted keepsake - wedding horseshoe & Garter

Knitted Home accessories


A great gift for people tying the knot is something they can put in their homes.


While other wedding guests are likely to present the happy couple with homewares like cooking equipment and pottery, why don’t you do things differently and hand them new cushion covers or a throw rug you’ve knitted yourself?


Your friend is sure to appreciate the effort that’s been put into a homemade item and this will make your gift stand out the most!


Knitted keepsake: knitted cushion pattern


Knitted Decorations



If you’ve got a bit of time pre-wedding, why not help out with making some gorgeous knitted decorations? We love this bunting which could be made in the same colour as the wedding theme. Or else, what about crochet table confetti or little hearts?



Knitted keepsakes: knitted bunting pattern