If you want to learn how to knit or brush up on your skills joining a knitting club is an ideal place to do it. We share some top tips on how to find a knitting club in your area.


Free knitting pattern - butterfly

Knitting is a very sociable activity as it lets you talk whilst you work and a knitting club gives everyone a reason to get together on a regular basis  – here are three reasons why knitting makes us feel so great.

1. Knitting has great benefits other than filling your time with an enjoyable hobby. The rhythmic repetition you experience switches your mind off from the everyday stuff, helping you to de-stress and relax.

2. Sharing your skills or learning and improving your abilities with others is a brilliant way to make friends.

3. Knitting for yourself or others is a satisfying way of using your talents. Giving something you’ve made is a great good feel factor.

Join a knitting group

So, if you’re passionate about knitting why not share your skills or get together to learn more and have fun at the same time by joining a knitting club, or why not set one up yourself?

To find a knitting club near you contact: Libraries, local wool shops, Hobbycraft store, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Adult education centre or your local council.

Join a knitting group

Here the Woman’s Weekly’s Marketing Assistant, Lynsey Hall tells us about the knitting club she joined here at Woman’s Weekly:

‘I joined the Woman’s Weekly knitting club for a couple of reasons, firstly I wanted to take up a new hobby and learn a new skill, secondly I found knitting fascinating. I was always amazed whenever I saw anybody knit, how it looked effortless and the stitches created looked stunning, so I wanted to learn.

‘The first knitting pattern I first saw in Woman’s Weekly that I adored was the Easter cupcakes that are simply “too good too eat” (so this became my first knitting project, more adventurous than knitting a scarf.) From then on, I’ve been a devoted knitter as I really enjoy being able to knit and see the end result. It’s also been a real joy being able to knit for others, for family, close friends and their babies.’

If we’ve inspired you to get knitting, take a look out our rich catalogue of patterns.