Woman’s Weekly Technical Knitting Editor Tina Egleton has written an informative guide that outlines why knitting to the correct tension is so important, and shows you how to check it and get great results.

What is tension? Tension is the number of stitches and rows that an average knitter will achieve to given unit of measurements, using specific yarn, pattern and needles. It is used to translate measurements into number of stitches and rows to be worked. It is considered to be the most important element of knitting and is the building block of all knitting instructions.

Practically every knitting instruction will state a tension at which specific items were worked out, except items like toys, where the finished size is of not such importance.

Therefore, before commencing specific project, it is necessary to check your tension, even if the yarn you are going to use is well known to you. For more information on how to do this, you’ll need to knit a swatch, please refer to our tension for knitting patterns guide:

How to knit to the right tension


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