From covering a phone box in knitting to a ballet-inspired yarn bombing display in central London, we discuss the work of Lauren O'Farrell

Deadly Knitshade

A brightly coloured flower pops up by a tagged wall in Berlin © Deadly Knitshade Instagram

Lauren O’Farrell is recognised as one of the major players in the UK graffiti knitting street art scene.

Not familiar with her? The London-based creative also goes by the name Deadly Knitshade and has made a name for herself ‘tagging’ objects around the city with her makes.

‘It’s lovely seeing people’s faces light up. I’ve been doing this since 2007 and have never once had a negative reaction, even when my work is displayed without permission,’ says Lauren.

‘I covered a phone box in Parliament Square with knitting once which is definitely not allowed!’

Lauren – who honed her talent with a pair of needles after being diagnosed with lymphatic cancer – has also decorated a statue outside the Royal Opera House with figurines inspired by The Nutcracker and strung up a 13ft spider’s web in a tunnel beneath Waterloo station.

A trio of badgers take a ride on the Tube © Deadly Knitshade Instagram

A trio of badgers take a ride on the Tube © Deadly Knitshade Instagram

‘People have a real connection with knitting. They feel an affection for it and they’re not threatened by it; it reminds them of their mothers or grandmothers,’ continues Lauren.

‘I think the colour and texture of what I create makes people want to look after it and love it – it’s street art but you can touch it and take it home.’

Although Lauren interacts with fans on social media – she’s got over 2000 followers on Instagram alone – she finds great pleasure it seeing how Londoners react to her ‘yarn bombing’ in person.

‘I sometimes watch people wander past my pieces and it’ll prompt them to talk to strangers passing by, they’ll be laughing and asking each other what it’s all about,’ she tells The Guardian.

‘In a busy city like London, anything that creates that sense of community is wonderful.’

Deady Knitshade

We love Lauren O’Farrell’s use of bright shades ©Deady Knitshade Instagram