We’ve dipped into our archives and recreated a modern version of Rebecca Rag Doll, a charming project first featured in 27 April 1968. With the weather turning chilly, we’re keeping her snug with this stylish hat and jumper pattern, especially designed for you to knit.


The beret and sweater are worked in striped stocking stitch which is easy to do, but when it comes to sewing up stripes it can be a little tricky to line up the rows of colour and keep seams hidden, so our experts are bringing you some top tips for neatly aligned seams.

1. Keep your edges neat

Narrow stripes with even numbered rows can be worked in the following way, which will help to keep the edges of your work straight and make sewing up stripes much easier.

Once a stripe is finished in one colour, leave the yarn you had been using attached to the work when it is out of use. Carry that yarn up the row-ends of the work as your knitting continues to grow in the new colour, until you need to use it again later on, it will then be waiting for you at the beginning of the row when you need to pick it up.


2. Sew seams using mattress stitch

Stitch your knitted pieces together with the right-sides of your knitting facing you. You’ll then be able to see the stripes much clearer, and line them up as you stitch.

3. With backstitch, always pin first

Pin your knitted pieces together before backstitching and this will make sure they don’t move out of place as you work.

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