There is such a wide range of multicoloured yarn available – if you’re confused as to how they might look when knitted or crocheted, we’ve got some great tips to help you decide.

When yarn has lots of different colours in it, it can be tricky to know what to make, or imagine how your finished item will look. There are ways to work it out and be sure that you’re on the right track – and match a suitable project to the yarn. However, balls of yarn with larger flashes of colour are a little more unpredictable and may prove tricky to match up to a knitting project. So, we’ve got five simple tips to get a perfect outcome when knitting with decoratively variegated balls of yarn…

5 tips to make using multicoloured yarn easy


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1. The label on a ball of yarn contains a wealth of information. Most multi-coloured yarns will have a picture on the label of a suggested project idea to show you how the yarn knits up – if it knits into stripes, or is more random.

2. There are some very patterned yarns available now that have been cleverly dyed to change colour as you work, to make stripes in your knitting, which is wonderful! Smarter still is the yarn that automatically knits a fair-isle effect. Although they only work for a certain patterns. Before you begin, check if the yarn is intended for babies or adults – these yarns will need a specific number of stitches to form the pattern (shorter row for a baby, or many more stitches for an adult garment).

3. Some of the more random coloured yarns can be a little unpredictable – which adds to the fun in seeing the pattern appear as you knit. Yarns like this may have areas on your knitting where one colour makes quite a big patch, which is known as ‘pooling’. Keep your colours separated and more random by using two balls at the same time, and working in two-row stripes.

4. If you’re still not sure, have a browse at knitting patterns available that use your chosen yarn as it’s often helpful to see a picture of something that has already been knitted using the yarn you’ve chosen, so you can see how your project will look when completed.

5. Don’t forget there’s Ravelry, too! Use this online tool to search knitter’s profiles for projects that they have made using these yarns, and see examples of how it’s knitted up for them.

A lovely example of multi-coloured yarn in use…

This T-shirt, uses a thick tape-like yarn, which you can buy in many different multi-coloured shades and some lovely solid colours too – so there’s lots to choose from!


The Rico Summer Print has small splashes of colour that appear throughout the ball, so the fabric you make will appear with scattered bursts of colour – an effect you would gain from knitting with a tweed. .