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Scientists have suggested that sleep problems can be caused by focusing on screens like televisions and mobile phones too near to bedtime.

While it can be hard to escape the digital revolution at times, it’s important we put our health first and try to avoid interacting with technology just before we want to go to sleep, as otherwise our minds could stay active for hours on end.

By doing something relaxing before bedtime, you’re more likely to notice that you nod off quicker and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed, something that doesn’t happen if you’ve been tossing and turning until the early hours.

A knitting project is a great pastime to help you gradually wind down before it’s time to sleep, as you’re not straining your eyes by looking at a screen and the activity is actually very therapeutic.

It occupies your mind and is a fun and creative way to pass your evenings, but it won’t keep your brain so alert that it is difficult to turn it off when you get into bed. As it is repetitive, you can develop a rhythm and this is what will make you feel sleepy, rather than keep you awake.

Knitting has lots of meditative qualities and as well as being relaxing, it exercises your mind and helps you to unleash your creativity. This means that when you’re tucked up in bed with your needles and wool, you’re doing some productive – and the same can’t be said for watching television or texting on your mobile.

You’ll be able to go to sleep with the knowledge that you are getting closer and closer to your final knitting goal and this will make you feel proud and content, rather than anxious and jittery.

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