Hi, it’s Technical Knitting Editor Tina here with my latest project – knitted bunting!

Bunting fever

A while ago I designed a hand-knitted bunting in triangles of stripes, spots and simply plain. This bunting was first featured in our 20th July 2010 issue (see back issues for the pattern).

Knitting bunting



In our Centenary year (last year), we asked WW readers to knit triangles, to help us gain a world record for the longest knitted bunting. The response was overwhelming, resulting in more than 3,000 metres of bunting.

Parts of the bunting have since been used to decorate our stands at various shows, but we haven’t finished yet; bunting fever continues!

Woman’s Weekly Live! show

I’m now knitting blue and pink triangles, to create bunting in shades originally associated with Woman’s Weekly. I’ve made 24 plain triangles so far – half in blue and the rest in pink.

Knitted bunting

To decorate the triangles, I’ve used the Swiss darning technique and have embroidered letters on to spell Woman’s Weekly Live, finished off with fancy tassels. You can see the finished bunting for yourself at the opening ceremony of our show at EventCity, in Manchester, on 13th-15th September 2012.