Tina-blog-templateQuestion: I was keen to participate in the Woman’s Weekly knitted poppy appeal. But, I hit a snag in the pattern: WRAP1. I’d never seen this instruction before. Help, please!

Tina answers your burning knitting questions.

Answer: WRAP1 is a new abbreviation that’s creeping into more and more patterns. It’s used when working turning rows to create depth in certain areas of your knitting, for instance on a shawl collar, or when you’re shaping.

WRAP1 closes up the gap that would otherwise be created when you turn in the middle of the row. You deal with it by taking the yarn around the next stitch and bringing it back to its original position.

The instructions will tell you to work either a given number of stitches or to the number of stitches at the end.

At this stage, if you’ve done a knit stitch, the yarn should be at the back, and it should be at the front after a purl stitch.

Slip the next stitch onto your right-hand needle, then take the yarn to the opposite side of your work (to the front after a knit stitch, to the back after a purl stitch).

Now, place the slipped stitch back onto the left needle and bring the yarn back to the position of the next stitch. Hey presto, you’ve done it!