If you’re wondering when to knit then we think we have the answer, and it’s always! Knitting is a pastime that has remained enduringly popular for many centuries now and one of the main reasons for this is that the appeal of knitted items is truly timeless, in all senses of the word.

Not only does this mean that knitwear is likely to remain appealing and fashionable for many years to come, but also that there’s never a bad time of to break out the knitting needles and create something for yourself, your family or your friends.

When many people think of knitting, they might be thinking only of thick woollen outfits created by the fireside during the cold weather, but in actual fact you can knit items to suit any season.

The spring months tend to be associated with moderate weather and regular showers, so creating a cardigan of medium thickness could be a great idea in the early parts of the year, as could light scarves or shawls to wear when it’s a little chilly out.

Easter also falls during spring, so you could enliven your celebrations by knocking together a cute knitted Easter chick!

Free Easter knitting pattern: Knitted chick

People can sometimes overlook knitwear as an option during summer, but when you’re venturing out into the hot weather, something like a vintage sleeveless daisy-edged top or a thin tunic can be both comfortable and stylish.

Also, if the man in your life enjoys a game of cricket during the summer, why not knit him a cricket jumper?

Mens Cricket Jumper Knitting Pattern

As the weather starts to cool down again, knitted cardigans, sweaters, jackets and wraps will once again become appealing options for crocheting fans.

In addition to clothing, you might like to knit some comfy cushions to snuggle up with at home!

Knitted Cushions

When the sub-zero temperatures hit, you and your family will be glad of the warm insulation that a woollen jumper or coat can provide, with many of these items also proving ideal Christmas presents.

You can get into the festive spirit further by creating additional gifts and toys including teddy bears, dolls and even little Christmas puddings by following our patterns!

Knitted Christmas Puddings