Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have undoubtedly become one of the nation’s best-loved presenting duos over the years.

Currently appearing on BBC’s The Great British Bake Off, the pair never fail to get us giggling with their witty puns, hilarious one-liners and cheeky innuendoes – often aimed at judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.

Mel and Sue

Mel and Sue have been hosting The Great British Bake Off since 2010

Here’s 11 things you didn’t know about the pair:

1. They’ve been friends for 27 years and were raised only 10 miles apart.

Mel was born in 1968 in Epsom.

Her father Michal is a descendant of Lithuanian royalty who lived in Poland until 1939. Mel believes that it was her dad’s move to the UK that gave her the drive to achieve success.

‘I think a lot of children of immigrant parents have a desire to prove themselves,’ she says.

‘[Dad] made a great life for himself in England out of nothing. You’ve got to make the most of everything because no one will do it for you.’

Sue was born in East Dulwich in 1969 to a car dealer named Burt and his wife Ann who worked as a secretary.

Sue has two younger siblings.

Mel and Sue

Mel and Sue fool around with food in 1997 ©PA

2. Mel and Sue first crossed paths in the late 1980s.

Having won places at the University of Cambridge – Mel studied Italian while Sue took a course in English literature – they were both cast in a production put on by the Footlights comedy troupe.

Thanks to their similar suburban upbringings, Mel and Sue’s bond was instant.

Mel and Sue

Mel and Sue attend the Royal Television Society Programme Awards in 1998 ©PA

3. After graduating, Mel and Sue started writing their own material which they performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

4. Mel earned money as a barmaid and Sue took a position as a carpet cleaner saleswoman before they bagged a gig penning Radio 4 programme Week Ending.

Mel and Sue

Mel and Sue launch BT Swimathon 2000 in London ©PA

5. 1996 was a memorable year for the pair. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders recruited Mel and Sue to write for their popular sitcom French And Saunders.

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders beam at the BAFTA TV Awards in 2009 ©PA

6. Channel 4’s Light Lunch was the first TV show Mel and Sue fronted together. The series ran from 1997 to 1998 and had its own spin-off show titled Late Lunch.

Mel and Sue

Mel and Sue have a laugh at the Funny Women event in 2002 ©PA

7. Sue was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in 2002. She lived in the famous house alongside Les Dennis and Take That singer Mark Owen.

Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins waves to the crowd before stepping into the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2002 ©PA

8. Mel voiced a border collie named Mist in Channel 5 kids’ show Mist: The Tale Of A Sheepdog Puppy.

Mel and Sue

Mel and Sue shelter from the rain at the BAFTA TV Awards 2013 ©PA

9. Sue is in a relationship with fellow presenter Anna Richardson. The pair started dating towards the end of 2014 after Anna split from Charles Martin, her partner of 18 years.

‘I had known Sue on the circuit, but about a year and a half ago we met at a party and I was recently single and we just… all I can say is there was an understanding between us,’ Anna revealed while appearing on Lorraine Kelly’s breakfast show.

‘For me the planets aligned and I just thought, this person – it’s not even about a woman – this person is absolutely extraordinary.’

In 2007, Sue’s ex-girlfriend Rhona Cameron publically discussed the duo’s relationship during her stint on I’m A Celebrity.

Sue had already come out to her parents.

Anna Richardson

Anna Richardson was with Charles Martin for 18 years before falling for Sue Perkins ©PA

10. Mel is married to director and LAMDA teacher Ben Morris. The couple have two children.

Florence – called Flossie – was born in 2002 and her little sister Vita followed in 2004.

Mel and Sue

Mel and Sue hug at the BAFTA TV Awards 2015 ©PA

11. The pals have been hosting The Great British Bake Off ever since it first aired in 2010. Mel decided to sign up for the show as she had a very big mortgage on her home.

‘It was terrible,’ said Mel. ‘We had a very close shave.

‘We were lucky – we managed to sell our house – but it taught me a vital lesson about cutting your coat according to your cloth. Now I’m all about cutting that coat.

‘I’m a fairly upbeat person – an eternal optimist. But I’m more circumspect now, and I’ve come to realise you can’t be long-termist.’

Mel even admitted that she didn’t think the programme – which has won numerous awards – would be popular.

‘I’m completely upfront about the fact I did it for the money,’ she confessed.

‘Neither Sue nor I thought it would work – because it didn’t, on paper. A show about baking? What?!’

Great British Bake Off

Mel and Sue pose alongside Great British Bake Off judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood