From disguising a wide jawline to enhancing your complexion, these celebrities show the feel-good value you get from a fabulous hairstyle


Judi Dench’s thickening pixie cut


Hair for my face Judi Dench at BAFTA Awards LA 2015

Judi Dench looks youthful with a pixie cut ©PA

Proving that you don’t have to be a twenty-something model to pull off a gamine crop, Dame Judi has had a short style since the 1960s.

Does she ever think of doing anything drastic to tackle the ageing process? ‘I’ve never had anything cosmetic done to my face,’ the actress revealed in a recent interview.

‘Do I want to? Of course! I’d love to go right now and come back with completely smooth skin. I want everyone to say: you must be 39!

‘But I’m much too squeamish. I don’t think I’m vain enough. My agent would go barmy. I’d do myself out of the parts for old people.’

Good job then that her famous cropped hair keeps her looking so fresh and fabulous, without a scalpel in sight.

‘I was lucky enough to do Judi’s hair for the front cover of a magazine,’ says Gary France, International Education Manager for Toni & Guy and Essensuals.

‘It was such a pleasure to work with her. It was a really busy day, with a massive production and the whole Royal Shakespeare Company present, yet Judi was a true professional – she certainly lived up to her righteous title!’

Perfect for: Any hair type. ‘This ageless style works best on those with soft features,’ says Gary.

Judi has high cheekbones and arched brows, which help her carry the look. This cut suits naturally grey hair with ash tones.

Ask for: A textured pixie cut. Leave the length slightly longer, like Judi’s, to keep it modern and fake fullness in fine hair.

‘Judi likes her hair short but still feminine with a little texture,’ adds Gary. Shorter styles require a bit more upkeep so book in for a trim every four weeks.

Lorraine Kelly’s brightening highlights


Lorraine Kelly at National Television Awards 2015

Lorraine Kelly’s highlights bring warmth to her skin tone ©PA

As hair goes grey, we can lose warmth from our complexions. Well-placed highlights around the face – like Lorraine’s – will bring colour to a pale or sallow skin tone.

Perfect for: Dull skin in need of a pick-me-up. Highlights also create the illusion of fullness on thinner locks.

Ask for hair for my face: The balayage technique, which involves painting on colour freehand to give a really natural, sun-kissed result – and it’s totally bespoke to you!

A balayage pro will pick a shade to suit your skin and hair colour and place the pieces strategically to totally light up your features.

Davina McCall’s flattering fringe


Davina McCall at BAFTAs 2015

Davina McCall’s fringe is the perfect dosguise for frown lines ©PA

Snip in a fringe and shave off a couple of years. As Davina shows, it’s a perfect disguise for frown lines and draws attention to your eyes instead.

Perfect for: Large foreheads and longer face shapes. Fringes are easier to style on straight and wavy hair, so best to avoid if yours is very curly.

Ask for: A feathered fringe that tapers down at either side. Your stylist will choose a length to suit you.

Emma Thompsons’s facelift quiff


Emma Thompson at British Independant Film Awards 2015

Emma Thompson’s quiff gives her face a subtle lift ©PA

Sweeping your hair back – as seen here on Emma – allows light to flood in and brighten your face. The height has a lifting effect, too.

Perfect for: Rounder faces. This tall style draws the eye up to slim the face. It suits all hair types and adds versatility to fringed styles.

Ask for: A bit of backcombing on top with slicked-back sides. This style is so simple you can easily do it yourself at home.

Jennifer Saunders’ volume-boosting layers


Jennifer Saunders at ELLE Style Awards 2015

Layers give Jennifer Saunders’ hair extra volume ©PA

The shaggy graduation adds plenty of body to Jennifer’s style, both at the roots and through the lengths.

Perfect for: Boosting flat, lifeless locks. This layered cut works well on thick hair as it encourages texture. Avoid layering if you have thin, fine hair – a blunt bob works best for you.

Ask for: A long bob with lots of layers and some face-framing pieces at the front.

Dawn French’s jaw-slimming bob


Dawn French appears on The Graham Norton Show in 2015

Dawn French favours a jaw-slimming bob ©PA

This is the 2.0 version of the classic bob. It’s cut at an angle so it’s shorter at the back.

The longer pieces around the front hug the face and jawline for a super-flattering effect, as Dawn shows.

Perfect for: Disguising jowls.

Ask for hair for my face: An asymmetric bob. Your stylist will tailor the length to suit you. If your hair is thick, ask for the ends to be thinned out slightly.