Set in the early months of 1924, Downton Abbey will soon be returning to our screens for a fifth series of sensational costumes, gripping storylines and tumultuous love affairs.

While the Christmas special drew to a close with Carson and Mrs Hughes sharing a romantic moment, the new series opens with real drama – a raging fire threatens to burn the Yorkshire mansion to the ground.
Downton Abbey | ITV Pictures

Lady Edith has set her bedroom alight and the first episode sees Lord Grantham stomping around the corridors of his ancestral home screaming out for Tom Branson – the former chaffeur who married doomed Lady Sybil and became estate manager.

We hope Lady Edith is okay and she finds her missing lover and is reunited with their child. It’s also about time Lady Mary made up heElizabeth McGovern and Richard E Grant | Downton Abbey | ITV Picturesr mind about who’ll be her next husband – she’s not short of suitors.

Downton Abbey Newcomers Sue Johnston and Richard E. Grant will hopefully cross swords with the magnificent and grumpy Lady Violet, played by Maggie Smith, who gets the best lines in the series.

‘Maggie Smith will be in the show as long as she wants to do it,’ executive producer Gareth Neame tells Hollywood Reporter.

‘She’ll be back this coming season. She’s a huge part of the show, and I think she enjoys doing it.’

All the characters get to wear some beautiful clothes and we are also dazzled by the stylish accessories.

‘The jewellery is more of a background really because it’s supporting an image. It was never meant to take the characters over,’ explains jewellery maker Andrew Prince.

‘For example, Cora, who is the American heiress, she would have had very large jewellery, diamond pieces to hold her own against the English aristocracy who had some very large pieces themselves.’

Watching Downton Abbey makes us want to get out our crochet hooks to create delicate shawls and bedspreads, knitting needles to knit vintage-style jumpers and sewing machines to stitch gorgeous period dresses and coats.

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Allen Leech, Anthony Foyle and Michelle Dockery | Downton Abbey | ITV Pictures

Downton Abbey is back on ITV on 14 September 2014.

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