We love to meet and greet our readers and hear exactly what you love about our magazine. It’s always great to get feedback from the people that pick up the magazine every week and we really do take everything you say on board. So, when we were at Woman’s Weekly Live! we thought it would be a great opportunity to get some feedback from our lovely visitors about why they love Woman’s Weekly

I love Woman's Weekly because

I love Woman’s Weekly because…

Woman’s Weekly Live 2014 was held at EventCity in Manchester and was a great chance for us to take the time to ask our readers what they loved about our magazine. Here are just a few of their responses…

I love Woman's Weekly because

  • ‘I read Woman’s Weekly every week – it’s interesting, fun, relevant to me and isn’t full of celebrities’ – Diane G
  • ‘It is a bit of ‘me’ time when I can disappear in the bath with the magazine and hide from my children!’ – Katy
  • ‘Woman’s Weekly has something for everyone – and it’s good with a morning coffee’ – Catherine Steele
  • ‘I have read the magazine for 47 years – and it has moved with the times’ – Liz
  • ‘I love Woman’s Weekly as I used to read it every week with my mother’
  • ‘I love Woman’s Weekly because it caters for the middle-age group’ – Rachel
  • ‘It gives me a treat and a chance to sit down!’ – Moira
  • ‘I love Woman’s Weekly because you have been my friend for over 25 years. I love most things about it, especially the gardening’ – Cynthia Parkinson
  • ‘I’m the third generation to read it in my family and still love it as always’ – Sue Gowland
  • ‘I love all of it! It is a fantastic magazine that appeals to all ages’
  • ‘I love Woman’s Weekly because it features grand knitting and sewing patterns’ – Cheryl
  • ‘I love Woman’s Weekly because of the knitting and crochet patterns – and the recipes too!’ Ruth
  • ‘Woman’s Weekly has all the things I love in a magazine and is aimed realistically at my age and finances’

Thank you so much for all your kind words!

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