It’s been months in the planning, research and editing, but our new vintage magazine has finally arrived on a magazine rack near you! The newest addition to our monthly magazine collection is called A Vintage View and it looks at the lives of women through the 20th century, entirely through content from our unique archive of Woman’s Weekly issues. This is how we put it together.


We have a copy of every issue of the magazine that’s ever been published. They’re bound together in hard-backed volumes, each of which holds six months worth of issues, and are kept in a special area in the basement of our headquarters building on the side of the Thames. The only exception is the very first issue, which is so precious – and fragile – that we keep it under lock and key in a safe.


Woman's Weekly - A Vintage View, issue 1


The first task in compiling this launch issue, which covers the period from 1900 to 1920, was to read through each issue. Needless to say, this had to be done very carefully. Not just to make sure we picked out the most interesting, most revealing, most surprising and  most entertaining content, but also because the issues from this period have to be handled so gently because of their fragility. We couldn’t, for example, use post-it notes to mark the pages and content we wanted to use because peeling them off would tear the paper.


So having decided on the sections – covering home, work, food, makes & patterns, health, fashion & beauty, entertainment, relationships and advice – each was allocated a colour, and strips of paper in those colours were used to identify where the content was we wanted to include.


Vintage Woman's Weekly issues


Each relevant page was scanned (more careful handling of the precious volumes), whilst the running order of the sections was worked out and planned. Then, as each page was designed and written, it was crossed off on a plan, printed out and put into a folder so we could see how it was all coming together.


A Vintage View - planner


And it came together beautifully! We’re ridiculously proud of it and ridiculously excited to see it ‘in the flesh’ at last. We hope you love it as much as we do!


You can buy the first copy of A Vintage View from all good newsagents – click here to find out how to get a copy on your tablet or smartphone.