Find out how Woman’s Weekly reader Elisha got on when she gave cardio tennis a shot.


Cardio tennis


So who knew that there was an activity such as cardio tennis? (Apart from the people that do actually play tennis!) I know, me neither. That was until I saw a competition and thought that it would be an activity that I would love to try, although I never thought that I would win. Lo and behold I had an email of congrats to say I had won a session of ten! Woop woop!!


So here I am today, as the weather has not been at it’s best and due to work commitments, I am only on my 2nd session.


Apart from my heydays in school (decades ago) I have not once held a racquet for love nor money!


The warm-up is energetic and, yes, I was perspiring after 10mins, not that I am fit or unfit (the pics beg to differ) but the pace is quick! However, I could go at my own pace as there was no judgment – just encouragement.


During the drill phase, the instructor does increase the tempo and the music helps me keep in a rhythm, at this point I am drenched but I wear layers as I want this effect, not the attractive look mind you but it works for me. In between the group is asked to stop and check their pulse.
1. To see if I am still alive (joke)
2. To see if I am working at a cardio level.
In this case I was sooo in the cardio zone!


During the game phase the group did a rally whilst still running around, switching sides once a certain amount of points were accumulated. We then had five mins left and then the heavens opened. I thought we were in the summer months myself.


Overall I like trying different things and I happen to like this, even though my batting skill is way below a novice. I would recommend cardio tennis for all ages and levels as it’s just fun and another way to keep fit!


To find out more about cardio tennis and to find a local course visit: lta.org.uk