Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes on a Woman’s Weekly video shoot?

Setting up for Woman’s Weekly craft and knitting videos can take several hours, transporting props to the studio, positioning the lights, erecting the backdrop and, just before we begin, doing our hair and make-up!

Honestly, you’d be surprised by how much blusher we have to wear to avoid looking washed-out on screen.

Every detail is considered when it comes to filming, especially the projects themselves. We storyboard, script and prepare each stage so that those ‘here’s one we made earlier’ moments can run smoothly.

The knitting instructions are thoroughly checked to ensure they’re technically accurate and we often re-record voiceovers if further fine-tuning is needed. That way, when you follow our online tutorials, we can guarantee they’re the perfect step-by-step guides to stitch along with.

But even with the best-made plans, bloopers and outtakes have become part and parcel of our creative process.

As you can see in our behind-the-scenes videos, hardly a shoot goes by that we don’t fluff our lines, forget our words, fight the falling-down set and drop the odd blooper.

When you watch one of our 5-minute videos, it’s often taken an entire day to film, from those drop-in ‘scene-setting’ shots, to all the times we got it wrong.

And yet, for all those mistakes, there’s an equal number of hilarious moments. In fact, we never stop laughing!

By the end of the day we’re in fits of giggles and it’s really a lot of fun. Knitting expert Freddie blows snot out of her nose, director Bev talks in Italian, videographer Dan gets down and dirty lying in sheep fields (pictured) and Esme requires a lot of bleeping out in post production.

It’s a hive of activity and the job’s still not done when the cameras stop rolling.

We’re then stooped over our computer screens, rifling through all the out takes to find the accurate clips.

Once we’ve selected the pick of the crop and edited the finished films though, it seems a shame to throw away all the extra material. So we’ve compiled our behind the scenes out takes to give you just a glimpse of what goes to making the polished versions.