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My two sons and my husband were mad keen on us getting a dog – my boys were then aged 14 and 9. I grew up with dogs and loved having animals around but I needed to know they were 100% prepared to help look after, feed, exercise and generally care for a dog.

Whippets - Woman's Weekly

Casey and Belle in their Christmas collars

So they prepared a pro and con list together. Well, you can imagine how lopsided that was. Everything pro, nothing con! They went away and had some more thoughts about it and returned with a revised list. I was beginning to warm to the idea but needed to be sure.

Then, while we were on holiday and walking along a coastal path in Cornwall, they surrounded me and went through all the reasons why we should get a dog. They had looked at books about dogs and said a whippet sounded a lovely breed because they have lovely natures, have a burst of energy every day, love being cuddled and like to sleep a lot – preferably in the sunshine! I was getting very warm to the idea.

When we returned home, all four of us talked it through and my husband said he could make contact with Whippet Rescue. He did, and eventually we became the proud owners of two rescue whippets. Casey, the blonde, was nervous at first but settled in to life in the Marsden household very quickly. In fact, she was so good, after about a year discussions started about getting another whippet, a pal Casey could be with whenever she was home alone (which, wasn’t very often, it has to be said.)

So Whippet Rescue came to the, er…, rescue again and we have a blue called Belle. We love them to bits. Most evenings after leaving Woman’s Weekly and arriving home, the boys will come to the front door each with one of the dogs in their arms. How much better does it get than that.

My youngest son, Gabriel, now 12, saw both dogs lying together on the sofa the other day, grabbed my phone and took this picture. I hope you like it….

Whippets - Woman's Weekly