Our gorgeous glossy new monthly, A Vintage View, is back again, this time exploring the funky and fascinating years of the 1960’s. For Woman’s Weekly, it was a decade to edit trends in home, food and lifestyle, whilst making sure it continued to appeal to its core readership yet move ahead with the times simultaneously.


Fashion & Beauty.


We explore the 1960’s monumental decade of style. Mods, rockers, beatniks, bohemians and hippies proved fashion was a powerful way to identify your place in society. Hair and beauty advice encouraged trying something new, changing a tired hairstyle, wearing bright and bold lipsticks, and making it a rule to remove nail polish at the first sign of chipping. A new and exciting era for female grooming.




Entertainment hit a new level of calibre in the 60’s, with music from the Beatles, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson Five and The rolling stones to the releases of Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Mary Poppins, The Graduate and Psycho. BBC2 saw its launch and Dr Who made its debut. It’s safe to say the 1960’s had perfected the art of entertainment.


Homes & Interiors


Along with the swinging sixties came the design of more flexible living spaces. With growing numbers of families buying technological devices, home interiors changed to accommodate this new trend.




A transformative decade for food arrived in the 60’s, with American influences, economical ways of eating and easy dinner short cuts for bachelor girls enjoying the single life. Buffets saw a rise in popularity with easy to make nibbles such as twiglets, cheese skewers, red devil dips and cream and sponge tarts.


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The Woman’s Weekly Team.