I always enjoy my job, but there are certain days when I really love it.

One of those was recently when our lovely cookery editor Sue asked me if I wouldn’t mind taste testing a selection of the best mini Easter eggs this year. Wouldn’t mind? Let’s say she didn’t exactly have to twist my arm!

We’re not talking about the fancy, giant eggs that you can fork out a fortune for here. These are the everyday eggs you find in your supermarket, newsagent or sweet shop. The ones it’s oh-so-easy to pop into your bag and eat in virtually one mouthful (so the really dangerous ones!)

There are some classics in the selection Sue chose for me to try – and what mini Easter egg assortment wouldn’t be complete without a Cadbury’s Creme Egg (around 50p per egg)? Apparently they’ve changed the chocolate this year, so obviously that had to be assessed.

And you couldn’t have a chocolate collection without either Cadbury’s (Egg ‘n’ Spoon Double Chocolate Eggs from £1.50 for a box of four) or Lindor Mini Eggs (approx £2.70 for 100g bag), so their offerings are both in the collection.

Then there were two newcomers, one from supermarket Lidl with a fruit cream centre (Favorina Crème Filled Chocolate Eggs £1.60 per 200g bag or two for £2.50), the other from a brand called Rococo Chocolates.

These are real hens’ eggs, yes really, ingeniously stuffed with praline (£25.00 for six).

Sue and I only realised afterwards (when we, er, read the instructions!) that you’re supposed to warm them slightly in the microwave to make the chocolaty-praline middle a bit runny. Oops!

Even though it was a bit trickier to get out of the shell without doing that, they were still outrageously good.

Did I have a favourite? Well, you’ll have to watch my video to find out!


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