DianeBlog-templateWe’re sure we’re not the only ones who wish jeans were just a little bit more, well, slimming. If you’re with us on that point,  then look no further than the new range of jeans from none other than Spanx!

Spanz jeans


Jeans, £100, Spanx (spanx.co.uk)


With a new range of jeans in 6 colours, these jeans promise to keep us looking slim and on trend.


How so? We’ll first up is the wide, slimming waistband and side zipper which creates a smooth, flat silhouette around the hips and waist, while the carefully placed pockets will make thighs appear slimmer and bottoms more pert…sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?


Spanx jeans


 Jeans, £91, Spanx (spanx.co.uk)

Woman’s Weekly Editor Diane put a pair of the black wax Spanx jeans to the test, and here’s what she thought!

“These jeans were a bit of a struggle to get on, even thought they were the right size for me – the side zip was a little tricky. But once they were on they did feel comfortable as they weren’t overly tight but still tight enough to give me that extra bit of support.” 

“You’d have to wear these jeans with something that goes over them rather than tucked in as the waistband is so wide, but I did like the thick waxy finish.”

Spanx jeans


 Jeans, £91, Spanx (spanx.co.uk) 

Spanx jeans are available in Harrods, Selfridges, Next and spanx.co.uk with prices ranging from £63-£100.