We tasked one of the Woman’s Weekly Team with testing this Steam Mop in their own home, here’s what they had to say:

steam mop review

I tried out the Steam Mop on my well used tile floors and was impressed at how clean they came up using just the power of steam.

You start by filling the mop with water (make sure the dial is turned all the way to off, otherwise water will leak from the bottom) it takes less than a minute to heat up and be ready to use.

Once it’s ready to go, it works just like a regular mop, albeit one that easily cuts through built up grime and sticky spills without needing any additional cleaning products. By only using water it’s 100% natural, so you get the benefit of germ-free floors without the drawback of chemical smells lingering while you clean – and you don’t have to carry a heavy bucket of soapy water around the house either!

The head of the steam mop is angled to make it easy to get into tight corners, and it also bends so it can get down low and in tricky to reach places like under the sofa.  It’s very light as well, which makes it easy to use, and the extra-long power cable means you don’t have to keep stopping to switch outlets.  I also managed to clean my entire one bedroom flat with just one tank of water.

The mop itself was very easy to assemble and when upright, it’s quite slim, making storage easy as it can fit into narrow places between cupboards or by the side of the fridge.

It also comes with a carpet glider attachment so you can use on your rugs and carpets, this just slots on so you do need to be careful it doesn’t fall off when you are using on your carpet.

Overall I was thoroughly pleased with how clean it made my floors with very minimal effort on my part.

The Steam Mop is available to buy through the Woman’s Weekly Shop.