VIDEO: Editor Diane Kenwood joined the stars to present a very special award

The studio set was built, the camera angles were set, the rehearsals were done, the stars were made up and ready, the audience were gathered.

The time had come for the National Lottery Awards 2015 to begin.


First up, the obligatory red carpet, complete with competing paparazzi photographers, reporters and camera crews. Watch our behind-the-scenes video…

It never fails to amaze me how much shouting there is from the photographers trying to get the stars’ attention for their money shot, or just how eye-aching the flashes are from their cameras.

That done, the stars, I imagine gratefully, made their way to the pre-show reception where the representatives from the winning projects mingled with the other guests ahead of their big moment in the limelight.

In amongst the crowd were Woman’s Weekly’s two competition winners and their guests, the lovely Linda and her aunt Kathy, and Beryl accompanied by her husband Graham.


Diane Kenwood at National Lottery Awards 2015They relished, and made the most of, the chance to meet some of their favourite famous faces including Woman’s Weekly astrologer Russell Grant, who chaperoned Strictly Come Dancing performer Joanne Clifton for the evening.

Once the audience were settled at their tables in the studio and the splendid warm up guy had, well, warmed us up, the recording of the show could begin. Host John Barrowman was as congenial and entertaining as you would expect.

John Barrowman at National Lottery Awards 2015

Peter Andre and Caro Emerald both recorded their singing performances at the start so they could be edited in later (just as well, as Peter dropped his mic in the middle of his number and had to start again. The trials of showbiz) but the rest of the show was recorded as live and went without a hitch.

The stories of the winning projects were told in cleverly crafted films and each of the award presenters and recipients were suitable gracious and grateful respectfully. It was an evening of moving moments, joyous celebrations and much whooping.

Julian Clary at National Lottery Awards 2015

When it was all over, everyone repaired to the after-party where it would be fair to say there wasn’t much holding back on the consumption of drink, food and yet more drink. The dance floor became increasingly crowded as the evening wore on.

What a night!