The news of Terry Wogan's death at the age of 77 was a very sad moment for us all. Deputy Editor Geoff Palmer found him a charming raconteur

Terry Wogan is a guest on The Paul O'Grady Show

Sir Terry Wogan made each of his radio show listeners feel he was talking just to them © REX Shutterstock

Woman’s Weekly Deputy Editor Geoff Palmer remembers a very special man.

‘Readers with longer memories will remember with affection the column the Terry Wogan wrote for Woman’s Weekly for several years in the early 2000s, entitled Wogan’s Wit And Wisdom,

‘As you’d expect, it perfectly reflected his wonderfully wry and witty take on life – never afraid to find humour in pomposity or point out the amusing and sometimes bonkers way so many of us choose to live our lives.

‘I met Terry when he kindly volunteered to host a Woman’s Weekly reader event, and he was every bit as delightful as you would expect – not in anyway egotistical, in spite of the adulation he received from many of his readers and listeners – but a man who put his family at the centre of his life.

‘We exchanged anecdotes about our respective children, laughed together about the joys and tribulations of parenthood, and explored a mutual love of rugby.

‘But not for one moment did he behave like any kind of celebrity – a concept he had little time for – and was just bursting with humility, and genuine interest in his fellow men.

‘For that reason I think Terry was a true role model for us all. He helped us to see through the shallowness of so much of the modern world, and not to lose sight of the truly important things in life.

‘It was an honour and a pleasure to have met him.’

Terry Wogan makes an appearance on Lorraine Live

With a golden voice, Sir Terry Wogan was a natural broadcaster © REX Shutterstock