The Woman’s Weekly team left their desks in London to get busy at the third Woman’s Weekly Live! event back in September 2013.

During the 3-day event, which was held at EventCity in Manchester, Woman’s Weekly Editor Diane Kenwood wore an amazing outfit from JD Williams and is looking stunning.

Diane Kenwood Woman's Weekly Live! 2014 day 2 outfit

Knitting Editor Kandy Regis, Technical Knitting Editor Tina Egleton and Knitting Assistant Freddie Patmore shared all their knowledge about knitting and crochet techniques. Cara from DMC also joined the Woman’s Weekly team to run workshops on learning to crochet, making up and knitting with colour.

Woman's Weekly Live! 2014 Knitting Team Freddie Patmore, Tina Egleton, Kandy Regis

Tina Egleton explains how to complete tricky patterns.

Tina Egleton knitting workshop at Woman's Weekly Live! 2014

Cookery Editor Sue McMahon demonstrates sugar teddy bears, wired sugar flowers and chocolate roses.

Sue McMahon at Woman's Weekly Live! 2014

Lifestyle Editor Jayne Marsden looked as if she should be modelling on the JD Williams catwalk herself.

Jayne Marsden at Woman's Weekly Live! 2014

Home Editor Emily Dawe showing how to make button initial cards and lovely Christmas cards.

Craft workshop Woman's Weekly Live! 2014 | Emily Dawe

Website writer Lissa Hawkins selling your record-breaking Christmas decorations to raise money for the Alzeimer’s Society.

Lissa Hawkins at Woman's Weekly Live! 2014

The Woman’s Weekly team always have a great time at Woman’s Weekly Live! and would love to see you at our next event.