Baked camembert

This weekend the French will be celebrating “La Fete Nationale” – or Bastille Day as we call it.  The day is to commemorate the storming of the Bastille on 14th…

Salmon and Broad Bean Salad. Pub orig WW 08/07/2008

Simple and tasty these selection of fish recipes are packed with flavour; you’ll be hooked!

Knitting for charity

We know just how much you like to support charities and we’re hoping to appeal to your charitable nature, with our WW Live! Knit appeal 'Hats for the Homeless'.

Penny the chicken

Sent to us by Woman's Weekly reader Dayna Squires, meet Penny - one chick who's got style!

Ben & Jerry's

"Fairtrade" is a term which has become much more recognisable as more and more people value the whole production process of the food that they consume.

Cherry vodka slush pudding

As it's the season for berries, we've selected some of our favourite cherry recipes that are sure to go down a treat.


Have a go at making this gorgeous ice-cream card with our step-by-step instructions on quilling.

Baby blanket

Nothing is more exciting for a couple than the arrival of a newborn baby and before you welcome your little one into the world, it’s important to make all the…

How To Make: A noticeboard

Pretty and practical, pin your cards and reminders on this noticeboard made from a picture frame and corks.

If you're indecisive as to what to eat then Spanish tapas food with lots of small portions of different foods is ideal and makes perfect food for sharing.

Table lamp

Create a warm glow throughout your home with our selection of stylish table lamps...

Roasted ratatouille pasta

10 quick to make pasta recipes that are tasty, filling and perfect for lazy summer lunches...

Sasha the cat

Lesley Enness Cook sent us this adorable picture of her cat Sasha demonstrating the perfect catnap…