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All is not quite what it seems with this surprise pinata cake! Just wait until you cut into it… Ingredients 375g (12oz) butter, softened 375g (12oz) caster sugar 375g (12oz)…

Sticky toffee pudding

Woman's Weekly invites you to try this classic British pudding packed with delicious dates and topped with a sticky toffee sauce

A cake that's delicious for breakfast with a steaming cup of coffee. Swap the nuts for your favourite ones or make it nut-free.

Caramel latte cake

Serves 12 For the caramel latte cake you will need: * 4tbsp fresh ground coffee granules * 4 large eggs, separated * 150g (5oz) unsalted butter, at room temperature *…

Sausage rolls

Celebrate any occasion with this party favourite! Pork and herb sausages with finely chopped onion and English mustard wrapped in delicious puff pastry, these sausage rolls could not be easier…

Woman's Weekly menopause cake

Serves 12 For the Woman’s Weekly Menopause Cake you will need: 1 medium (150g/5oz) sweet potato, peeled and chopped 100g (3½oz) dried ready-to-eat figs, roughly chopped 100g (3½oz) soya flour…

Leaf biscuits

Biscuit recipe from the 1940s with vanilla or lemon or spice added to flavour them.

Roast vegetables

Enjoy the freshness and flavours of summer vegetables

Salted caramel chocolate pots

These luxurious chocolate desserts make a real treat at the end of the meal, with a rich chocolate layer over the creamy smooth salted caramel Makes: 4-5 Prep time: 10…

Blueberry pancakes

Cookery editor of our sister magazine Woman's Weekly, Sue McMahon, shows you how easy it is to make your own fruity pancakes with maple syrup, perfect for a Sunday morning…

Smoked paprika prawns

Try this quick and easy recipe of pan-fried tiger prawns infused with an intense smoky paprika and garlic taste

Sausage and bean stew

Cooking shouldn’t always be rushed. Try this slow-cooked stew recipe with spicy sausage, chestnut mushrooms and flageolet beans in a rich tomato sauce

Rose Turkish delight

Delicately flavoured with rosewater, these homemade Turkish delights look gorgeous and taste wonderful. A great gift.