Biscuit and cookie recipes don’t come more delicious than these. We’ve got biscuits and cookies for all occasions – from weddings, picnics and tea-break treats. Which one is your favourite?

1. Union Jack Flag Cookies


Union Jack flag cookies

These cute Union Jack flag biscuits are a fun way of celebrating a royal celebration – don’t forget it’s the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation in July and there’s also the London Anniversary Games in the same month. They are a easy bake, what you’ll need is a flag shaped cookie cutter, some red, white and blue icing and a sturdy piping bag.

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2. Spring Meadow Biscuits


Spring Meadow Biscuits

Home-baked biscuits always taste much nicer than bought, and these are so easy to make, too. With pink, yellow and white icing and topped with sugar sprinkles they are the perfect teatime treat for the spring. Present in a basket wrapped with some cellophane to make a thoughtful gift.

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3. Quickest Ever Peanut Cookies


Quickest ever peanut cookies

These delicious cookies take 10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes in the oven. Perfect for that last minute sweet treat decision. Just five ingredients including Golden Syrup and some generous helpings of crunchy peanut butter.

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4. Colourful Candy Cookies


Colourful candy cookies

These colourful biscuits are studded with Smarties and a doddle to bake. They can also be stored for up to 3-4 days, if kept in an air-tight container – and if there’s any left! Which we doubt.

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5. Lemon Shortbread Easter Cookies


Lemon shortbread Easter cookies

These Easter-themed biscuits might look difficult but  kids will love helping you make these shortbread eggs and rabbits. They’re decorated with Smarties and sugar balls and would be great for Easter Sunday on 31 March.

Get the recipe for Lemon shortbread eggs and rabbits

6. Cupcake cookies


Cupcake cookies

Love cupcakes but perhaps find all that buttercream a little rich? Cupcake cookies are what you need! Bake simple biscuits with a few drops of vanilla extract and decorate them to look like colourful cakes with this simple recipe. Job done.

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7. Gooey Chocolate Cookies


Gooey chocolate cookies

A super crunchy and yet gooey brownie-style chocolate cookie. The crunch factor comes from chopped chocolate and pecan nuts. You can prepare the cookie batter ahead of time and keep it in the freezer.

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8. Wedded Bliss Biscuits


Wedded bliss biscuits

Summer is on the horizon and with it wedding season! These mini- biscuits are in the shape of a bride and groom. Great for a wedding buffet for someone you know – wash down with tea or pink champagne to celebrate.

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9. White Chocolate and Honey Cookies


White chocolate and honey cookies

This crunchy cookie is topped with pecans and has a little extra sweetness thanks to sugar, white chocolate and honey. Perfect with a cuppa.

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10. Peppermint cream biscuits


Peppermint cream biscuits

This is a vintage classic from theWoman’s Weekly archives and first appeared in our magazine in June 1956. There’s peppermint cream in the middle and a final flourish of chocolate on top.

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11. Quinoa Crunchies


Quinoa crunchies

A healthy treat. These biscuits are made using quinoa which give them extra crunch. The mixture can be made in advance and frozen which makes them super easy to make and bake.

Get the recipe for Quinoa Crunchies

12. Jammy Sandwich Biscuits


Jammy sandwich biscuits

Shortbread-style biscuits sandwiched with raspberry jam – just like Jammy Dodgers! Great for any family occasion and an easy recipe to make with the kids.

Get the recipe for Jammy Sandwich Biscuits

13. Choc n’ Nut Cookies


Choc n' nut cookies

Our cookery editor Sue McMahon shows you how to make these in her video tutorial. They’re packed with choc chips and nuts – what could be better?

Get the recipe for Choc n’ Nut Cookies and see a video of how to make Choc n’ Nut cookies

14. Chocolate Chip and Oat Cookies


Choc chip and oat cookies

These couldn’t be any easier to bake – and are a perfect oat snack biscuit for the whole family – with added sweetness from the chocolate chips.

Get the recipe for Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

15. Jammy Button Biscuits


Jammy button biscuits

These biscuits are melt-in-the-mouth biscuits and dolloped with apricot or raspberry jam. The family will love them.

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16. Gluten-Free Coconut Cookies


Gluten free coconut cookies

If you have wheat allergy these crunchy coconut biscuits are perfect as they are gluten free and great for dunking in tea.

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17. Salted Pecan Cookies


Salted Pecan Cookies

Are choc chunks and pecans the perfect combination? No need to answer that – just make these cookies to find out. The cookie dough can be frozen in a roll, so you can slice off as many rounds as you need.

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