Irish Cream Truffles

In the Woman’s Weekly Cookery department we don’t really need any excuse to eat more chocolate, but this week is “Chocolate Week” so we can feel free to indulge.

This is Sue from cookery, and being married to a chocolatier, you’d think that we’d have a house full of chocolate, but most evenings my husband asks me what chocolate we have, and he knows me so well that if I say we don’t have any, then he says I must have some hidden somewhere!  My husband, can eat just half a chocolate as something sweet at the end of a meal and he’ll throw the other half away, which I consider such a waste, but for me I consider I’m being restrained if I eat just half a box!  But I have found that my taste in chocolate over the years has changed, particularly as such good chocolate is now readily available.  I like to have some “comfort” chocolate at home which is the chocolate I grew up with as a child, but which my husband won’t eat as he says it’s not “proper” chocolate as it’s so sweet and full of  vegetable fat, but to me it reminds me of my childhood, even though the recipe has changed over the years and it’s not quite the same as it used to be.

So each week, I buy some “proper” chocolate too, and I like to try something different. This week it was Lindt’s Dark Chocolate with Wasabi, which I picked up as soon as I spotted it in Tescos! (and it’s now on special offer for a few more days).  It was rather like the chocolates with chilli as it had a smooth melting texture in the mouth, and then a hot kick.  I haven’t had chance to try cooking with it yet (as I’d eaten all of it!), but I think that it would be good used instead of plain chocolate in our Rich Chocolate Pots recipe.

With Christmas not far away, why not make your own chocolates for gifts this year rather than buying them. You can keep a look out now for suitable packaging so that you have it already when you make the chocolates as it’s the packaging which can make them look really professional. This is one of my favourite recipes for Irish Cream liqueur truffles, but you can easily alter the flavour by using rum or brandy instead (or Drambuie is another favourite of mine).