Woman’s Weekly cookery editor Sue McMahon on a cookery book choc full of cakes…


Chocolate cake from Cakes for Every Occasion

Hello, It’s Sue from Cookery here…

I’m really excited to be able to tell you that due to so many requests, the cake “book” that we published back in 2003 has now been reprinted. It’s a timeless collection of cake recipes which are suitable for afternoon tea, but also there are lots of decorated cakes suitable for celebrations ranging from Christmas, to Christenings and weddings and of course lots of birthday cakes.


From almond sponge to chocolate…

One of the reasons that it was so popular the first time round is that it has charts in it for the amount of cake mixture needed for various size cake tins for fruit cake, almond sponge and chocolate sponge cakes.  I remember when I worked out all the quantities in the charts as I was on a flight from London over to Washington, so I had lots of time to fill, and so I worked out mathematically the size of each cake tin from 6″ to 12″ for round and square, so I had the quantities “in theory”.

When I got back to England, Iris (our cookery assistant) then made up each cake to check that the quantities were right in reality and to work out the cooking times.  It was while I was over in The States that I saw the lovely glass tiered stand which is shown on the cover. I saw it in the store Mikasa, and one of my friends knew how much I liked it, so she kindly bought it for me.



…a bookazine


Soldier birthday cake

In the office we refer to it as a “bookazine” as it’s a cross between being a book and a magazine. It’s printed on better quality paper than the normal magazine, and is very collectable – just like a book. But it’s classed as still being a magazine and will only be on sale for a limited period of time – so if you want a  copy then don’t delay in buying it!

It costs just £4.95 which is really good value for all the clear step-by-step photos in it which will make even a novice cake decorator feel they can tackle the designs.

woman's weekly cake book