If you’ve made Halloween lanterns have you been left with lots of pumpkin to use up?

Cookery editor Sue McMahon has a retro recipe suggestion we know you’re going to love…

Recipes for left-over pumpkin
Hello, this is Sue from Cookery.

If you’ve either got lots of pumpkin left over from scooping out the flesh to make a Halloween lantern, or if you want to take advantage of the special offers that many shops now have to clear their stock of pumpkin, then try this Pumpkin Preserve recipe.

It’s actually one of our “vintage” recipes as it was first published in Woman’s Weekly back in 1926!

I must admit that I’m surprised that pumpkin and fresh root ginger were popular in recipes back in those times.

If you don’t have any pumpkin, then you can also use butternut squash as an alternative in the recipe too.

Once the chunky mixture has cooled, pop it into a warm steralised jar before sealing.

Wondering what to serve your delicious pumpkin preserve with?

For a delicious breakfast or speedy on-the-go snack with a hint of gingery heat, spread a layer over hot toast or tea cakes.

Alternatively, a dollop of pumpkin preserve makes a wonderful accompaniment to meat such as roast pork. It can also be used to give smoked salmon a little extra zing.

If you’ve got guests coming over for dinner, we suggest using it as a tangy chutney to top cheese and biscuits.

Remember to keep the jar in the fridge once it’s open.

For anyone who might not already know, food preservation is deep-rooted in our history.

In the Paleolithic period, foods were either chilled using ice or snow, dried through exposure to sunlight or smoked.

1795 saw a Parisian pastry chef named Nicolas François Appert invented air-tight by placing food and sealing before heating in boiling water.

The Frenchman was hailed as the ‘father of canning’.

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